Melvin Flex
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About Us

Everyday begins and ends in the bedroom. Sleeping hours are the ones that set the tone of each.

In these hours your humour, energy, and productivity depend. Because a bed is more than a place to sleep. It's the place to relax after a long day. It is the place to recapture the powers for tomorrow. For more movement, more dynamics, more life.

The saying goes that with an empty stomach one can not philosophize. We say with a bad sleep, one can not function.
Prandaj në Melvinflex punojmë fort për të t'i bërë këto orë sa më të vlefshme.

So Melvinflex works hard to make these hours as valuable as possible for you. In 1993 we were the first ones to bring european quality to albanian bedrooms. After 25 years in the market, we can surely say that nobody knows you beter than we do.

We know what you want. We are ready to offer it.

Our ultimate goal is to renovate the most important room of your home with style and functionality. We aim to transform the bedroom into a space where you can enjoy every moment awake and every second asleep.
MelvinFlex is your long-term commitment with good sleep!

Your long-term commitment with good sleep!